Swedish Bitters

A Swedish Bitters in most cases is a combination of bitter, sour or bittersweet flavored herbs prepared by using an alcoholic beverage. Numbers of brands that produce Swedish Bitters originally were developed for a medicinal, digestive and flavoring purpose.

Producer of Maria Treben’s Authentic™ Swedish Bitters as well as the herbal products featured in her 10 million-copy bestseller “Health through God’s Pharmacy.”

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Swedish bitters, also called swedish tincture, is a bitter and a traditional herbal tonic, the use of which dates back to the 15th century.

Swedish Bitters (or Swedenbitters as it’s sometimes called) is a traditional herbal tonic, made by soaking a mixture of herbs in alcohol for a minimum of a week. It’s recipe varies slightly depending on which country or company you’re getting it from.

For those wishing to avoid the alcohol that is traditionally used as a solvent and preservative in bitter tonics, Flora Swedish Bitters offer a non-alcoholic style that …

Swedish Bitters secret formula rediscovered. lost for centuries, the secret herbal formula swedish bitters, created by Paracelsus in the 16th century, was …

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The Swedish Bitters original formula is believed to go back to ancient Babylon and Egypt, but was first attributed to Paracelsus, a Swiss Renaissance physician, …

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Swedish Bitters for Candida: What Is Your Opinion On Swedish Bitters? A mixture of aloe blended with eleven different herbs produces a natural bitters for overall health and well-being.

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